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Drone Stockpile Measurement

Drone used for stockpile measurement


UAV Imaging uses drone captured imagery to replace traditional ground-based methods for volume measurements of stockpiles.


    There are several methods for estimating stockpile volumes. In the traditional method the data is obtained from a total station. During this processA stockpile of gravel. a worker must climb the loose material and hold a prism pole while occupying areas of a large stockpile, this method can be time consuming and dangerous. Drones can remove this hazardous step, while providing more data points in less time.  UAV Imaging is authorized to safely conduct commercial drone operations and can provide accurate, timely results for a fraction of the cost.







Traditional ground-based methods of measurement are...

    Here is how it works- a drone flies an automated grid pattern over the stockpile and captures multiple images from elevated angles.  These images are combined together using powerful software that compares matching points from multiple images and renders a 3D model from which accurate volumetric data can be extracted.

    Contact us today to learn more about how UAV Imaging can save you time and money while removing the hazards associated with ground based stockpile measurement.

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