UAV Imaging Inc. is dedicated to a culture of safety in everything we do.  We are certified by Transport Canada and adhere to strict safety procedures while operating with a level of professionalism that is setting the standard for this emerging new industry.  For more information on the regulations that govern commercial UAV operation go to the link below-

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  • Our system incorporates an 18 x zoom, providing detailed imagery of components.
  • Live video feed from the on-board camera to the controller is relayed to external monitors/computers, allowing for easy monitoring and analysis during the flight operation.
  • HD video and high-resolution image capture for documentation and off-site analysis.
  • Long flight times (45 minutes +) between battery changes.
  • SAFETY FIRST!- Our system is engineered and tested for safety, incorporating redundancies and features that are unmatched in the industry
UAV aerial inspection system

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18 x


By providing on-demand UAV services that are tailored to your business needs, we simplify the complicated process and deliver the solution you need. Unmanned aerial vehicle technology is revolutionizing aerial inspections, delivering high quality imagery and HD video from perspectives that are impossible to obtain using any other method.  Unlike traditional aerial imaging solutions from satellites and large aircraft, UAV's are versatile, on-site and cost-effective, enabling a variety of industries to implement aerial technologies and benefit from the advantages it provides.

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With any new technology, there are challenges with integration into existing business models and procedures.  There are government regulations, safety concerns, liability, and insurance. The list of considerations and logistical requirements can inhibit business owners and managers from moving forward on an otherwise profitable and beneficial new business practice.  This is where UAV Imaging Inc. can help.  Our crews provide high resolution HD video and photography in a safe and cost effective manner.  All of the pre-flight planning and logistics are taken care of, so you can focus on analyzing the data we provide.


Traditional aerial inspections involving helicopters and multiple personnel are expensive and involve a lot of planning and resources.  The dangers inherent in operating large aircraft in such hazardous environments makes UAV inspections the logical method for conducting these operations.  Removing the human element from high rise inspections while providing superior image quality and detail insures the safety of your greatest asset, your employees, while maintaining the continued operation of your infrastructure and improving your bottom line.


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